Saturday, January 5, 2013


All icy features, thus malformed,
That thwart these drifters on their way
To sainted house or hallowed hall,
Or fairy hill within the lay.

Ghostly wails within the sea
Echo all through coast and shore;
Shiver cold in lake and dale
And crash against the vessels moored.

Yet more unnerving be the calm
That settles on the tallest spire
When specters fail to chant their song
From places low beneath the mire.

Inside the silence lies the fire.

Now striking moon and star to dust
They march upon the water mute
For all to see and stand in awe;
Each hopeless and each destitute.

Intangible and wholly wrought
Of selfish pain and gory praise.
A rotting substance, once divine
Come perched upon a phantom chaise.

For lo the light that once was dawn
Hastens to the shadow's grasp.
Thus the darkness overwhelms:
Mankind enslaved by wanton hasp.

Yet sparks remain to thwart the task.

©2013, MLowe. All Rights Reserved.