Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bad Company

It makes a lovely light they say,
Don't stab me if I turn away.
I never meant to break the night,
The backward dark,
His blinding right.

The shadows be my company,
Those who see and still take me.
I guess it could be better said
To keep my thoughts
Within my head.

The innocence that time forgot:
You heard, and yet you listened not.
Of all the things we said to you,
You cut and paste
To make it true.

Play this like a rough roulette,
Round and round, see what you get.
Pray all your scheming won't go wrong.
We built our fortress
For the strong.

Suppose I'll sit here by the wall
And hold it up until you fall.
They know I'm what they'll never see:
A pawn to those
Who think they're free.

A window stained with broken glass,
A brazen chain with silver clasp:
All the things I never was
That gave them right
To play the judge.

©2012, MLowe. All Rights Reserved.

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