Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Mirror

Hold your face close to the mirror,
Grasp for what you see behind.
All perfection in your likeness
Broke with nothing left to find

The shadows of their guilty eyes
Reflecting darkly in your own
And everything they thought you were
Whispered that you walk alone.

Look deeper through the rising night,
Your hand pressed to the window pane.
The cobwebbed pieces shake with cold
With tears that call the sky to rain.

At noon the sun consumed the moon
And flaming stars returned to dust.
Turn from their conditioned love,
Their passion wrought condemning lust

White lightening frozen in the sky
Reveals a tattered photograph.
And as they fade you shout their names:
The flawless fallen of the past.

©2012, MLowe. All Rights Reserved.

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