Sunday, July 8, 2012


The fire that consumes this wretch,
Cast aside for worthless crimes,
Against a king that long torments
After will and body die.
I scream my curse up to the rain
That pelts my bloody face and hands
Still held captive by a voice
Inside my mind
That is his and never mine.
Shrill and absent thoughts that bite
And sting my soul in darkness wrought
A lord of loneliness and fools
Inscribed in time upon my wall,
His courtly fool and jester fair.
Raise me up and hang me high
Or let me fall but never cry,
Never bring your accusation
Down on my head
My misinterpretation read
So wearily,
But let me now forever be
The Wind, and Clouds, and Storm and Sea
In one word,
Your treachery.

©2012 MLowe. All Rights Reserved. 

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