Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Within Us Dwells

Rhapsody of dark delusion,
Sympathy of strange conclusion.
Don't pity me or wipe my tears,
You're everything I've ever feared.

The ace of hearts is scorched and burned,
A sun blinks out, my lesson learned.
I'll never speak another word
Of what I uttered 'til you heard.

Dragon's fire fills the sky,
Wanting what our gold can't buy.
These coins wrapped tight within our swag.
Unrighteous in our princely rags.

We drown beneath our sorrows wine
And hope to turn the hands of time.
Glorious though our sin may be,
Claiming slaves who once were free.

Turn away the tortured being,
Imagine what you'll never see.
These tears we cry like winter rain
Fall upon the earth in vain.

Forsaking all we ever knew
To feed the lies we claim as truth.
The brimstone fire in your eyes
No longer takes me by surprise.

So here we kneel before our pride,
Take insurrection as our bride.
We cannot see the looking glass
Nor thorns long buried in our past.

They stole our hearts, we broke their souls,
Our spirits growing much too old.
We forced ourselves into the fight
And brought on the unending night.

©2012, MLowe. All Rights Reserved.

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