Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Game

I'll wear this mask just one more time
And pray their thoughts are ever blind.
Don't let them see this worn child
Nor will they know of things defiled.

The blessing that I took for curse
I gave, lest it be taken first.
An endless dance, this game we play.
A stale mate ends another day.

The Tuscan ink dries on the page,
Its crimson words locked in a cage.
This silence a consuming sound
Wrought by the secrets that you found.

Disguise is forged by mortal sins
Yet living as if death could cleanse.
The wonders that I knew before
Have lost their charm and please no more.

Unending battles of illusion
Leave to my mind its own intrusion.
The words now set within my book
Demand I take a closer look.

Forgive my dark and haunted dreams,
No heart is ever as it seems.
I'll lose this game before its through.
Can't question who I'm talking to.

I've held my hand, twas mine to play.
Now take my prize and walk away.
Forever told, a hero's story:
Drowning in a blaze of glory.

©2012, MLowe. All Right's Reserved.

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