Saturday, July 7, 2012


Tonight I cast into the void
All the strings that held so tight
And kept such dreams as ours aloft
Amidst the river's sparkling night.

If all the earth were gold to buy
Every thought that I might sell,
Never would I speak a word,
Nor gallant write of roving tale.

But keeping all my secrets dear
To bury them as if for naught.
Silent speaking to the soul
A rumored land of shadows wrought.

The brink where on we foolish stood,
Wrapping cloak about our phrase;
For deep within the tawny wood
Came forbidden journey's play.

Alas, twas written by his hand,
That drew us nigh with dust and flame,
Courting all with eyes of fair
He led us on to our disdain.

When all was done the severed threads
Were cast into our inky fear.
Yet quietly we willed them drown
Into the void of yesteryear.

©2012, MLowe. All Rights Reserved. 

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