Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soul Crusade

You sit upon the winding road
And silent watch the placid sky.
This empty look that fills your eyes
Leaves you always asking why.
The counterfeit you hand to others
Drives the nails to your disgrace.
A fog consumes the smallest glory,
A bout of shame you play to face.

Deliverance you cannot master
Nor will you hear the prophet's voice.
Spite and fear have met and mingle
To offer sweet deceptive choice.
This countenance has grown dreary,
Tired of the world's embrace.
A soul long hindered, weak and weary,
Still shuns its Lover's holy face.

The visions round about us dance
Upon a land of red decay.
The tune composed of mortal's trance,
You call us as we turn away.
The road beneath you paved with spirits
Of those your heart-set has laid bare.
Such innocence so long beguiled,
Wooed by secrets never shared.

The path doth writhe around the bend,
Your chaos downpours from the sky.
Immortal games that we pretend
Hold more truth than meets the eye.
Devotion in its worth unveiled,
Enduring are mens' souls to be.
Your denial is the shaded vice
That mutes the Debra crying "Free!"

©2012, MLowe. All Rights Reserved.

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