Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Watch the fairies as they dance,
Let the songs of elves enchant .
While these mortals sleep below
Dreaming of the morning's glow.

Our visions will entrance their minds,
Holding hearts in flowered vines.
The Goodfellow will play his game
With the troths of men and maids.

Yet Oberon will have his jest
While the sweet Titania rests.
Not just mortals will be foold
Whilst Robin be in merry mood.

Flowers that were starlit white,
Now blushing red behind the night,
Transform the eyes of fairy queen.
Enamored of a man she'll be.

But all of this Puck will repent
But the time the moon is spent.
Oberon shall have his fair
And mortal's loves put in repair.

So your forgiveness he implores
When brings he naught unto your doors.
If in your dreams has Robin delved,
Fear not, for he will make all well.

©2012, MLowe. All Rights reserved.

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