Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Slight Notation

Amidst the bitter tempest sky
Reflects a deeper heart than I
Did ever think to see.
From the creatures' mouths and minds
Words that pull the threads of time;
Darkened tendrils, fingers blind,
All reaching forth for thee.
Whilst fairie glen with tremor faded.
Gypsy's eye was poorly fated
Far upon the tattered, worn, e're wrestling sea.
Drink was poured into the flame,
The world and sun were bandits' game.
We watched as he consumed the fame
That fortune bought for free.
The secrets kept well in the wall
With faces lonely for the fall,
And parchment written all for one.
Yet all for him was she.
Framed by nymphen voice ill boding,
They wandered nigh and here and lonely,
Keeping watch for all there was
But knowing naught of me.
All the moons could cry "alas!".
Gaze deep into the earthen glass
That wakened world may look upon
The substance of a dream.

©2012 MLowe, All Rights Reserved

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